Modify app.js and vendor.js before the final integrity seal. How to?

I need to change something in my final

app.js and vendor.js

but obvioulsy I need to modify them before the ember-cli-sri integrity does its job.

How to do?

There are somewhere the pipeline steps? Can I insert one step before the final one?

Ember CLI has a hooks into it’s pipeline. Theses are what addons use to get their code into your application. You might want to look at an in-repo addon (scroll down to ‘In-Repo Addon’), which is just like any other addon but is local to the project (i.e. not published)

Thanks for your answer, now I’m working but I’m stucked: Ember 2, ember-cli, custom addon, hook to modify text in js before final integrity.

Can you help me?

I’ve replied to your new question :slight_smile: