Mutiple APP folders with Ember-Cli


Hi guys!

It dawned on me at the end of the topic that what I was looking for was a much simpler to ask. So here it goes.

Is it possible to have multiple app-folders in an ember-cli project? And if so, is it then possible to server content from a specific APP-folder based on a the returned value from a call to the server?

The old question

We’re thinking about moving from our sturdy ASP.Net based Ember site to having the entire frontend handled by Ember-Cli.

The thing is that most of our current functionality that’s handled by server-side code can be converted or handled by the API. The reason for a switch is stuff like the upcomming Fastboot. We’re more than capable to recreate these things with the ASP.Net framework - but there’s not really a good reason to reinvent the spaceship wheel. Take whatever is great about each framworks and work with that.

The thing that I don’t really know how to get around is our “templates”. The idea is that people can get a webshop based off one of our templates which they can then configure to a certain extend. Each of these templates is a set of ember pages (js, hbs, styling). Which template is used is found out after a quick single call to the database.

Is the only way to achieve something like this to split each “template” into individual ember projects? Or is there some kind of functionality that enables me to have multiple “app” folders in my ember-cli project from which I can choose where to server my webpages?

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I have multiple ember apps being served from a single rails app using

You can share code with private ember-addons.


Great. It looks like what I need. Thanks a lot. :smile: