My Cookbook for various EmberJS things

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Due to limited available time for editing forum posts, I’ve moved this content here, to my blog – discussion can / should stay in this thread tho.

Gonna try to keep this list up to date best I can


CSS / Styles

Component/Template Demos / Concepts

  • In this other post
    • Effects
    • Loading Remote Data
    • Forms / Inputs
    • Resources
  • Modifiers via the ember-modifier README – probably the most comprehensive introduction to modifiers atm.

Patterns / Concepts

Starter Repos / Apps (needs READMEs / instructions for tooling setup)

Custom Blueprints

  • vitest - since vitest only runs in node, this is only useful for testing non-browser things
  • complex blueprint - the v2 addon blueprint – lots of flags / behaviors, generates multiple packages/projects

Example Apps


Other “references” links:

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Thank you so much for these. I am a beginner Ember developer. The Tailwind example uses Embroider, so my addons need to be updated to use Embroider. Am I likely to be able to get this working or are there still lots of unresolved issues in the code / tooling?

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Exciting! Welcome! :partying_face:

I’m not aware of any issues that would stop you from using embroider in your app. The addons themselves don’t need to test under embroider unless you’re going for full strict mode (which is not a requirement to use tailwind).

I say, ‘have a go’, and if you run in to anything goofy, let’s work through it either on the embroider+ tailwind walkthrough thread, or on discord :tada:

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Thank you very much. I will let you know if I find anything goofy!

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