MyresourceIndexRoute not called

I don’t know if this is related to ember-cli or emberjs, but after I updated to ember 1.9 from 1.8.1, it stopped working.

In the controller:

this.resource('client', function() { this.route('special'); this.route('search', { path: 'search/:keyword' }); });

The problem I’m running into is going to doesn’t trigger client.index route. This works fine under 1.8.1. I didn’t see any deprecation warning, but of course, maybe I’m doing something wrong. By not triggered, I mean that model, beforeModel, setupController are not being called.

Any idea?

Just NPM being NPM. Wasted three hours trying everything. I just did npm cache clear and npm install and it worked afterwards…

For more information on upgrading ember-cli, check out the following link: