Named blocks parser error (with example)

I am trying out the named blocks feature with the following stack:

  • Ember CLI: 3.26.1
  • Ember Source: 3.26.1

I am trying to re-create a (simple) version of the Bootstrap NavBar, and inside the “container” element, I want to yield the brand, etc.

However, as soon as I add this to the HBS: {{yield to="brand" @fluid}}

I get the following error:


This project in the Glimmer Playground illustrates the problem in a nutshell: Error Example

Has anyone else run into this issue? And could you please point me to a workaround/solution?


Did you try {{yield @fluid to="brand"}} instead? :slight_smile: That seems to work. In all places where named and positional parameters are mixed, the named ones must come after the positional ones.

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Yes, that worked. :+1: Thank you.

I’ll need to remember that positional parameters always come before any named parameters - slipped my mind.