Need some help with data not rendering correctly


I have this stack overflow question here

Basically what’s happening is despite PostMan returning the data, as well as the data tab in Ember Inspector I’m getting this error in the console on the page that is trying to access the data via Ember Data

Uncaught TypeError: this.record.trigger.apply is not a function
ember$data$lib$system$model$internal$model$$InternalModel._triggerDeferredTriggers @ internal-model.js:439
Queue.invoke @ ember.debug.js:910
Queue.flush @ ember.debug.js:974
DeferredActionQueues.flush @ ember.debug.js:770
Backburner.end @ ember.debug.js:160 @ ember.debug.js:228
run @ ember.debug.js:20075
ember$data$lib$system$adapter$$default.extend.ajax.Ember.RSVP.Promise.hash.success @ rest-adapter.js:831 @ jquery.js:3148
jQuery.Callbacks.self.fireWith @ jquery.js:3260
done @ jquery.js:9314
jQuery.ajaxTransport.send.callback @ jquery.js:9718

This has been blocking my development for a few days and I really need some help figuring out what the problem is and was hoping to get it a bit more exposure here if someone could take a look or knows what that error looks like.


What does your template look like?


Hi. Looks like Ember Data uses “trigger” internally. Try changing the name of your model attribute to something else, like “trigger_” and see if that helps. Don’t forget to change the template accordingly


Came here to say this. Pretty sure this prop conflicts with Ember.Evented’s trigger method:


Thank you! I had no idea, I didn’t understand the error that was being thrown.


Thanks for the link, I had no idea what the error was trying to tell me.