Need to change CSS Property

Hello All,

I am using Bubble Chart D3 v4 component. I need to change CSS portion with the scenario said below, I have list of data in bubbles format.When one hover on bubble, border should get changed from none to 2px.

Can Anybody help me?

Thanks In Advance, Priyanka

Can you use the :hover css prop to do this? So like

.your-bubble-class:hover {
   border: 2px solid black;

I am having drop down menu in which i have listed all the bubble names so when we select one from it, bubble should change css. How to get this functionality.

You can use the snippet above to do that, but you need to identify the bubble somehow so replace .your-bubble-class with whatever class name the bubbles have.

Yes that is the query …how to identify that bubble?

Well all the bubbles should share some css class (which you can check using the chrome dev tools). So if you replace the .your-bubble-class with a class they all share then it will work. If they don’t have a shared class then just add one when your creating the bubbles like so .attr("class", "bubble");.