Needs with nested controller

I need to access the data from AccountQueueController from a child controller. This used to work:


But now, as of Ember 1.11, this doesn’t work. I get:

needs [ controller:accountQueue ] but it could not be found

After fiddling around with it a bit, I found this to stop the above error:


but now I can’t access the property I need using this.get(‘controllers…’). I’ve tried every possible casing I can think of and it always gives me some form of:

Uncaught ReferenceError: <versace@controller:account/queue-item::ember1124>#needs does not include `accountQueue`.

An additional bit of context - This version bump is part of switching my project from rails to Ember CLI, which for the record is a huge pain. I don’t know if the Ember CLI shift has anything to do with this, though it really shouldn’t.

As a sidenote, for a platform that supposedly is opinionated, the syntax for concatenation of names is incredibly arbitrary. I have seen all the following used for referencing AccountQueue, depending on context/Ember version:


It is super frustrating, especially when all the guides with examples have a habit of using single worded class names. You would think this question about needs would be answered somewhere, but I simply can’t find an answer, or even an example, of a two worded class using needs “properly”.

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UPDATE - This works:


That’s pretty hideous, and definitely not formatted like anything I’ve seen in any doc. Is this the new preferred way?

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It is a little confusing entering from a non-CLI world. The reason it’s different here is because CLI has it’s own ES6 semantics-based resolver.

There’s some documentation on nested directories in the CLI project:

Get the Ember Inspector browser extension. From it you can click on “Routes” and it will show you route names along with their associated controller names (there are some situations - like resources instead of routes - which will not give the correct names, but for the most part it’s the name you want).

I’m not sure this will help you but you may try the new inject syntax in combination with @uberclops’ name suggestion. In past I’ve had issues with the get part after calling needs, it’s been easier with the new syntax.

With new inject syntax:

accountQueueController: Ember.inject.controller('account/queue'),

This is much nicer. Thanks for the suggestion.