Nest Ember component in an external non-Ember widget

I would like to nest Ember components inside the widgets of a pure JavaScript widget library (trees, grids, …). For my own components I like Ember, but I have to rely on the vast number of available widgets to get the work done, I cannot write them all.

I found various solutions which are no longer valid, I tried them all to find out that they no longer apply. I will not repeat the deprecated techniques to avoid further confusion on this topic you can find them at stack overflow 18259925, 28165802 . The main idea was to detach the rendered component and attach it inside the widget.

I think it should be possible for Ember to tap into the vast number of JavaScript code/widgets already available. It is a rather unexpected showstopper.

Is there an official way to do this? Did this use case become unsupported?

I’m certainly not going to claim to be an expert on any of this, or even really completely understand what you’re asking, but maybe ember-wormhole could get you there?

Or possibly explore using Glimmer components instead of Ember components? Honestly I have no idea if that sort of capability is possible but maybe worth exploring.

@dknutsen thanks for the information. The ember-wormhole seems like a solution for my problem, I have to test it.

The Glimmer components and Glimmer VM might not provide an immediate solution, but they point to an important Ember mechanism that I did not know. Having caught a glimpse of the Glimmer VM rendering mechanism I am more aware and thankful for the things Ember is doing for me and of the scope of the problem I am dealing with.