Nested Set model

###Hello! I want create simple module for nested set models witch works with ember-data.

Base NestedSet model which has:

name:   DS.attr('string')
parent: DS.belongsTo('parent')
lft:    DS.attr('number')
rgt:    DS.attr('number')      
depth:  DS.attr('number')

And methods:

roots: function(){
 //returns promise

children: function(){
 //returns promise

rebuild: function(){
 // rebuild tree

// and etc nested methods

what do you think about it?

hi @OpakAlex, have you been making progress on this approach? I am looking into nested list handling too.

Hello! Oh, i don’t start working, because people don’t like it. But if you needed this feature we can work together. Ping me on email(, and we can do it!