New app w/ Rails. Same repo or separate?


There are many rationale for this. But here I would say that its not necessary to deploy both apps for the changes made in only one project. e.g. Client might still have the same access-point, but the changes were in the format of response, so we only need to deploy the API side, not the client side.


@samselikoff looking forward to try the gem! I have the same code across different projects now.


This is an ongoing topic of interest, and I’m curious where people have gone with it lately. I noticed that hasn’t been updated since May, while the identically named, but apparently much broader in scope, is up to date. Has anyone had experiences with rwz’s fork?

I’m starting on a new side project and find myself humming and hawing over which way to go. After spending some time with divshot, my toilet is flushing (i.e. I like it a lot). So I may kiss the all-in-one workflow goodbye.


Hello to the camp that works in separate apps:

which gems and which ide’s you are using? Do you have ember and rails on the same domain?

currently i worked with ember-cli-rails.

Best Regards, Christian