New Ember Data With JSON 1.0 Format Not working


Hi I have a rootless JSON being sent back from my server and I’m using the new JSONAPISerializer. It’s creating a list of models (InternalModels in Ember inspector) and doesn’t seem to have attributes accessible and they seem a unusable. What am I doing wrong?

JSON Format From Server:

    "id": "9819c7035f18d4afb330fae3ed8a2117",
    "users": [
    "name": "Hey",
    "owner": "cb30a6aea8b5b693ec682cfac8000bf6",
    "last_message": "has added Asdf Asdf",
    "last_updated": 1376003828,
    "last_id": "cffa43d600b4fb8af482cd979007d45f"
    "id": "61d4325b5dd0682866299282adf8ad5b",
    "users": [
    "name": "A",
    "owner": "cb30a6aea8b5b693ec682cfac8000bf6",
    "last_message": "Test",
    "last_updated": 1377046703,
    "last_id": "cffa43d600b4fb8af482cd979007d45f"
  },.......more entities

Which I convert to this in the serialzier (I tried singluar and plural of type). My Model name is Convo:

{"data":[{"type":"convos","id":"9819c7035f18d4afb330fae3ed8a2117","attributes":{"name":"Hey"}},{"type":"convos","id":"61d4325b5dd0682866299282adf8ad5b","attributes":{"name":"A"}},{"type":"convos","id":"4278da9b2cdf15e06d104dd43fe76857","attributes":{"name":"Hello hello"}},{"type":"convos","id":"65065c01ec81eacaac54793aca239900","attributes":{"name":"Ahoy"}},......more entities

Here is the JSONSerializer code:

export default DS.JSONAPISerializer.extend({
   normalizeResponse : function (store, primaryModelClass, payload, id, requestType) {
     var payloadType = primaryModelClass.modelName;
     var newPayload     = {};
     newPayload["data"] = ( function (payloadEntry) {
       var newPayloadEntry = {};
       newPayloadEntry.type = payloadType; =;
       newPayloadEntry.attributes = {"name" :};
       return newPayloadEntry;
     return this._super(store,primaryModelClass,newPayload,id,requestType);

Any clue why this isn’t working?