Newbie, how to pass the data from the actions to the model?

I have a component which sends action to the parent in the parent I have handled that action but I need to pass the data to the model hook so that to be rendered via template, pls help.

In your action hook you would simply update the data in your model, the update to the model would be reflected in the template due to data binding.

Here is a simple action added to app/templetes/index.hsb It ends up calling the action “sayIT” which bubbles up from the template to the route:

<p><button {{action "sayIt" "BooYa!"}}>OK</button> </p>

The action above pass a string “BooYa!”, but it could also be a variable.

The action is handled in the route: app/routes/index.js

export default Ember.Route.extend({
   actions: {
      sayIt(s) {

Hope this gives you an idea!