Newbie-question: Ember and Google Maps

I am new to Ember. To be honest I am in the process of making the decision between Backbone and Ember.

My project is a Google Map with thousands of markers (shops). I want to have urls like

In all tutorials I see examples of displaying blog posts. This is different, because in this case I do not want to fill a outlet-div. Instead I have to center the map at a given position, display an info-bubble for the marker and display a panel with details about that shop.

After reading the Getting Started I have no idea how to do that. Please help me.

I suggest you start with routing, which will define your UI flow and URLs. This is the same, no matter if you have a map or not. Once you have something basic setup (no map yet, just routes and templates) or you are stuck, but have sample code (jsbin/jsfiddle) for us to work with you can post back and we can help you out :smile:

In all tutorials I see examples of displaying blog posts

That is mainly because it’s a simple example that most people can understand, it’s for getting started. Once you understand the basics there, you can move on to more complicated topics, like working with maps…