Newbie Question for filling simple dropdown


Hi, I am very new to ember. I have compared Ember and Angular, first tried with Angular and I am happy with its results, but as my application is way too complex (related to carpet industry), and all my search ends on ember for a large scale app.

Now I am stuck at a very basic thing (for Angular) which I am not able to find. I am having a cities list, and active only cities list and cities where showrooms are present, here are my urls

http://localhost:8000/api/cities <-- All cities list, needed for admin
http://localhost:8000/api/cities/active <-- For clients to show active cities so they can add their records
http://localhost:8000/api/cities/filled <-- For users, to show them where clients are available

Now in angular, i just have to write the url from where I have to fetch data, but in Ember I am not sure how to create its route, and also I am not sure why I have to create model for city, cities, and now city/filled as each model is exactly same,

Also this happened for groups, I just had to load a list of groups (static list) in a dropdown, I had to create a groups model and then group model exactly same

What I am doing wrong?


Added question on stackoverflow as well


Hmm, related to this, as I am working on groups which is a static list and is only effecting certain behavior on the website and is only available in single dropdown.

To fetch its data from REST, I have to create its Model, Route, and add its entry in Router, so it is now also available as http://localhost:4200/groups which is totally useless for me. If I remove it from router.js my app stop working


Just to show you the scale of the app, here are some of the screenshots, right now it is PHP/HTML/JQUERY

Order Form

Sales Dashboard this is fully dynamic page, each cell is loading updated/run time values. Each cell is a link and when user clicks on it it downloads a detailed excel sheet

Color Area Coverage User upload image, and it provide the ratios and wastage of yarn and user can download same new design in different color scheme, also PHPExcel is used to generate excel files

Production Report

So it is a very complex app


Hmm, on Stackoverflow some one suggested to fix the proper REST, as city is resource and city/filled is a filter, it should be used as api/cities?type=filled So that is fixed.

Now I am stuck on another small issue which is posted to SO as well

The problem is my index page have search panel, and search result url should be localhost/search/city/group I have made that, but it dont load the data when I press search; just changes the URL, but when I reload the page it does fetch the results.

Any thoughts