No model found for

I have a very simple app running and every time i try to store a model ember is throwing the Error: No model found for… exception. Any ideas on where to look for why there is no factory for this model?

Model: Imports.TempFile = DS.Model.extend({ filePath: DS.attr(‘string’) });

App code:

Imports.Store = DS.Store.extend();

Imports.ApplicationSerializer = DS.LSSerializer.extend();

Imports.ApplicationAdapter = DS.LSAdapter.extend();

Code to try and create a record

store.createRecord(‘tempFile’, { id: 1, filePath: “foo” });

That error means that your TempFile model wasn’t found by the container. Check to make sure that Imports.TempFile actually exists at runtime. Also, are you by chance running more than one Ember app on the same page?