"npm install ember" creates an additional command

I’m on Windows 10, ember-cli 2.13.2, node 6.10.2. Here’s what I see in %USER%\AppData\Roaming\npm:

I can copy/paste the bug (?) character into PowerShell and it acts as if I executed “ember”. Anyone else encounter this?

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I didn’t notice this, but I get: :hamster:

And it is also the ember command :smiley:

$ dirname `which npm` | xargs ls
🐹  babel  babel-doctor	babel-external-helpers	babel-node  bower  ember  mocha  _mocha  node  npm  phantomjs 
$ 🐹  --version
ember-cli: 2.13.2
node: 6.10.3
os: linux x64

This is really fun. Thank you for pointing that out!

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Ah - it’s a Tomster command. :smiley: