Object has no method 'eachRelatedType'


I am getting the error "Object Video has no method 'eachRelatedType'" with any models that I set to find in the page. It happens every time the models find is called and it only happens after the request has been completed. The model in question is like this

DS.RESTAdapter.registerTransform "json",
  deserialize: (serialized) ->
    (if Em.isNone(serialized) then {} else serialized)
  serialize: (deserialized) ->
    (if Em.isNone(deserialized) then {} else deserialized)

attr = DS.attr
PixelMob.Video = DS.Model.extend(
  name: attr({type: String})
  description: attr({type: String})
  file: attr({type: "json"})
  comments: DS.hasMany("comment")
  owned: attr({type: Boolean})
  game: DS.belongsTo("game")
  vast: attr({type: String})
  is1080p: attr({type: Boolean})
  is720p: attr({type: Boolean})
  url:( ->
    "/#/videos/" + @get("id")
  channel: DS.belongsTo("channel")