[object Object] as option value

Hi all, I notice that one of the option in our ember app has all the values set to [object Object]. This is sort of ok from the functional point of view because they do have a unique id. However it prevents some testing tool to select properly as they work with the value rather than the id. Has somebody experience this issue? Any ideas? Thanks Damian

Sounds like it’s trying to render an object as a string. What code are you using to generate the select (this is for a select right?) and what does your data look like?

Yes, it looks like it. Here is the template: {{#if hasBlock}} {{yield}} {{else}} {{#if placeholder}} {{placeholder}} {{/if}} {{#each _optionValues key="@index" as |option|}} {{#x-option value=option.value}}{{option.label}}{{/x-option}} {{/each}} {{/if}}

and the js code

/* globals */

import Ember from ‘ember’; import XSelect from ‘emberx-select-blockless/components/x-select-blockless’; var PhmsSelect = XSelect.extend({ _updateValueSingle: function(){ var option = this.get(‘options’).find(function(option) { return option.().is(':selected'); }); if (option) { this.set('value', option.get('value')); } else { if(this.().siblings(’.chosen-container’).length > 0){ var value = this.$().siblings(’.chosen-container’).find(“span”).html(); if(!Ember.isEmpty(value)){ this.set(‘value’, value); }else{ this.set(‘value’, undefined); } }else{ this.set(‘value’, undefined); }




export default PhmsSelect;