Observe nested properties


I’ve run into several cases when I need to observe properties within an array of properties within an array of properties within an … you get the idea. But the @each observer is known (almost famously) to go only one level deep:

Note that @each only works one level deep. You cannot use nested forms like todos.@each.owner.name or todos.@each.owner.@each.name

Here’s one implementation of observed nested properties on stackoverflow but it appears pretty clunky looking.

Are there any plans to observe properties multiple levels deep?


Rare enough that I don’t mind doing an ownerName: Ember.computed.alias('owner.name') (so that we can simply write @each.ownerName) when it does crop up. But it would be nice to have a fix, this should be one of those things that ‘just works’.


I’m more interested in the todos.@each.owner.@each.name scenario