On the first save() Ember errors because it can't find a model by a different name. On a second attempt, it saves with no error!

I have a really weird problem I was hoping someone might have some insight on.

I have a button that is linked to an action to update then save a model:

 // component.js
     resolveInvestigation(itemID) {
       let item = this.get('store').peekRecord('customer-investigations-item', itemID)
       set(item, 'status_id', 1)

 // template.hbs
 <button {{action "resolveInvestigation" data.id}}>

The button is part of a bootstrap ‘card’ style component so there are a few instances of it on the page.

If I click the button on card A I get a console error as follows:

Error: No model was found for 'customer-investigation-item'

I have no idea why it has decided to drop the s from ‘investigations’ - it doesn’t even make the PATCH call.

Weirdly, after this initial interaction, if I click the button on a different instance of the component the model saves with no error. It doesn’t seem to matter which instance is clicked first either (I’ve tried reloading the page and clicking a different instance first and had the same results).

I’m at a bit of a loss. I thought it might have been some weirdness with native class syntax or the @action decorator but I reverted to a classic component with no improvement. I’m also saving this model with the same methodology elsewhere in the application with no problems. Has anyone got a best guess?


I added an updateRecord function to the adapter to and console logged the snapshot and type from the save attempt. The modelName in both cases is customer-investigations-item so I have no idea where it is getting customer-investigation-item from

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After all of that typing it was the result of a simple typing error.

Basically I had referenced customers-investigation-item in one of the nested relationships for this model. The behaviour it created was weird enough to throw me completely off track.

Big shoutout to the ember-data Discord channel for helping me with that one.