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TL;DR: How do I use an ember-cli-addon in a non cli Ember app?

I’ve been struggling to bring order to a very large (and growing) ember app. I was hoping to migrate to ember-cli, but its “all-or-nothing” migration process is too much of a barrier for us.

I was hoping to tame the spaghetti monster with namespaces, but it looks like that won’t work with components. :frowning:

I’m now looking at using ember-cli-addons as a way of peeling off discrete sections of the app. The only barrier I see is integrating an addon into a non-cli app. We already use Broccoli.js and browserify to globalize some node modules so I’m used to terrible things to javascript.

The huge upside to this is after we rip out all the discrete stuff, converting the remainder to ember-cli would actually be possible. Then we could undo all the terrible things we did with our custom build process, and once again be inline with the modern Ember ecosystem! :slight_smile:

It has a lot of other upsides too that aren’t worth going into detail (i.e., ember-addons would mirror out internal team structure, and having separate docs and unit tests for those addons brings a high degree of accountability to those teams).

Where would I get started?

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Anybody know? If it’s just not feasible or overly complicated, that’s an answer too.

Is stack overflow a better place for these questions?