Open pop-up as new browser window in ember js application

Hi all, In our application, we need to open pop-ups as new browser window. So we tried creating the pop-up with with url as “/#/RouteName”. It connects without any issues. but it takes long time to open the new pop-up window, as ember initializes the application for every new window. Is there any work around for it? Or is there any better approach to open new window from ember js application. Please guide. We are using ember-2.4 Version.

Are you trying this in the development or production environments?

I can’t see a way around the new window firing up a new Ember instance, but in production it shouldn’t take too long, as all the files and requests should be cached from the first time.

I suppose the first thing to consider is do you really need to show the content in a new window? Could you use a modal, overlay, split view, etc to achieve what you need?

If the answer is no then you’re going to be stuck with the delay as Ember needs to be loaded and spun up each time you open a new window/tab.