{{outlet}} in component

In a transition to Ember 2.0 I have written {{#blog-posts posts=model page=page perPage=perPage query=query createAction="createPost"}}{{outlet}}{{/blog-posts}} and it works. I am not sure this the proper way to use {{outlet}} in a component?. Can I pass it in a non block form as a parameter?

Source: GitHub - broerse/ember-cli-blog: Tom Dale's blog example updated for the Ember CLI

The proper way won’t be available until routeable components arrive. And it’s my understand that will happen now shortly after 2.0 lands.

So is my hack the best way to do it for now?

I don’t believe this is a hack. If you look at how {{outlet}} is implemented, it is just another view similar to how {{view}} works except it communicates with the router on route changes.

It feels like a hack because to me it seems more logical to pass the outlet in a non block form as a parameter.

An outlet parameter would also not allow errors like this {{#blog-posts posts=model page=page perPage=perPage query=query createAction="createPost"}} {{outlet}} {{/blog-posts}}