Pagination using the Seek Method


I have created an API that pulls in data using the seek method. Similar to a instagram style feed. So I provide a id,limit and it returns what I need. But I could not find anyone that has implemented the seek method in their pagination. I settled on a combination of 2 things query route and controller/component action:


queryParams: {
    id: {
      refreshModel: false
  model: function(params) { 
    var prop = this;
    return'product', params);


actions: {
    	updateQuery: function(){
    		var control = this;
			var prop = this.get('model');
			control.set('id', prop.meta['id']);
			var params = { id:this.get('id')};'product', params).then(function(product) {

I’m wondering if there is a more accepted implementation of the seek method. My version is not bulletproof still have issues transitioning between routes. ex. ?id=104&limit=50 will load all the 50 records after 104 but I lose the 50 records before 104. Although ember data maintains all of these records after they have loaded So its a interesting problem