Paperclip.js vs Glimmer

Interesting, has anyone seen React and Glimmer vs. PaperclipJS (5x faster) | Hacker News yet? Not that one comparison means it performs faster in every scenario etc. but it already claiming to be 5x faster than Glimmer is imo an interesting fact.

Anyone heard of it before? Anyone knows here how it works underlying compared to ember/react?

This is the repo btw:

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Ember’s dbmonster demo has Ember app powering it. Data from test function goes to Ember.Object and then via bindings into template that uses components for table rows.

Paperclip.js has tiny wrapper taking output from test function and calling their lib to update view which is just a plain loop.

So if they are basing the claim purely on benchmark skimming then it should be “our templating engine is faster at repeately rendering html than ember stack is at repeatedly rendering components.”


After Glimmer was announced, a bunch of people were quacking about how much faster jQuery or Underscore could do DBMonster. The best response I saw was “…you should see how fast an animated .gif can do it!”