Parcel application bundler

I just came across and I instantly thought this could be a great improvement for ember cli build times. Has anyone tried this out yet ?

Cheers Thomas

Yes, I believe it’s definitely on the radar for the Ember-CLI folks. Some of the folks at LinkedIn we’re celebrating on Twitter the day it came out … :wink:

But if you’ve got the time/inclination, I’m sure they could use a hand working on things. Want me to introduce you to someone on the CLi team?

As far as I was able to tell while investigating this, there are 2 reasons the rebuild is so slow:

  1. cli is processing the same stuff (e.g. addons) over and over again (30-50% of rebuild time), instead of just taking what was done previously, if the input hasn’t changed. There is some work done at side effect free by stefanpenner · Pull Request #23 · broccolijs/broccoli-plugin · GitHub , but hasn’t moved lately.
  2. cli uses source-map, mozilla’s super slow source-map library (another ~30% of rebuild time). GitHub - ef4/fast-sourcemap-concat: Fast sourcemap generation & concatenation. would have to make the switch to GitHub - krisselden/fast-source-map .

Unfortunately I am not able to sink a lot of time into this, I just thought it might be something the dev team could find interesting.

I would like to work on this! :slight_smile: would love to do a POC on parceljs. Can you help?

@ksashikumar if you’re interested in helping, folks would love to put you to work! :slight_smile:

On the community Slack channel, there is a #dev-ember-cli channel that would be the best place to speak up and volunteer to help. If you don’t have an account yet, you can sign up here:

Tell them that you’d love to help in whatever way they need. We’re always looking for willing volunteers to help with different things! :slight_smile: