Passing an alias of a computed property to a component



I am passing the value of an “Ember.computed.alias()” to a component via an attribute called “disabled”. The alias itself points to a computed property.

Within the controller the alias carries the correct value returned by the computed property. However, when I try to access the “disabled” attribute from within the component like this:


the value is always “undefined”.

Should I be able to pass aliases of computed properties to components?

Any help would be appreciated.



A few questions:

  • Which ember version are you using?
  • Could you share a jsbin?
  • if you’re not using ember 2.x, have you tried using this.get('disabled') instead?
  • if you are using ember 2.x, did you use mut disabled in the template?


Thanks for your reply.

I got some help on stack overflow but we weren’t able to reproduce my issue so it must’ve been something amiss in my code. The post is here: