Passing array of query params in createRecord method


Hi Team, I have a sceanrio in my ember app for which i need help.I am using ember-data@2.4.2 with JSONAPI adapter

1)There is a vehicle search results screen in our application.To get the list of results,we have to pass
lot of query params to get the search results.


We thought of making a GET call to achieve this but in some scenario,number of querey params is more than 500 so it’s not recommended to make a GET call with so many params in URL

So my question is 1)Can i pass an array of query params in a POST call to achieve this.

this.createRecord method allows me to pass a request object but is it possible to also pass an array of query params.I tried overriding the JSONAPI serializers but was not able to see anything in form-data of my POST request.

Please help

Thanks in advance, Ramesh