Polymorphic relationships documentation


Hi all,

My apologies if I’m missing something but when searching for polymorphic relationships in Ember I found quite a few blog posts and some forum posts discussing it but I can’t seem to find the official documentation? The API documentation seems to suggest that only async and inverse are valid options: http://emberjs.com/api/data/#method_hasMany

Has it been removed, is it considered unstable or something else?

Many thanks!


I’m pretty sure it’s still a thing because of this http://emberjs.com/blog/2015/03/23/ember-data-1-0-beta-16-released.html#sts=Mixins in Polymorphic Relationships

To address your instability concern I see a number of open issues in the repo, so I’m guessing it may not be the most well trodden path. Ember data can be a bit rough around the edges, my motto has been don’t do anything remotely unusual unless you’re willing to spend time understanding ember-data internals to do custom overrides or fix bugs.


I found this video helpful… I think not all of it is the best approach, but it gives a good overview.