Problem with Promises

After watching the excellent video posted recently on using Promises I’m now trying to follow the advice and use them on a project.

I have made an extremely trivial (and hopefully clear) jsbin link of the issue I have come across which is proving hard for me to debug.

Once a promise is resolved I am unable to call other functions from within the then resolve or reject methods…

I’d really appreciate some help on this as it is causing me some serious grief & i’ve been unable to find any documentation on it via google.


JSBIN example

Ember - Problem With Promises

Inside your then of the promise, you’ve switched contexts, hence the context of ‘this’ is no longer pointing at your index controller. You also are trying to access a property like a method. You need to use the getter while accessing properties.


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Thank you for the clear explanation - it has helped my understanding & I am now making some good progress.