Problem with RESTAdapter and CORS (apparently)

Here’s my question on Stack Overflow:

I can get to my REST API fine via regular browser request, curl, and Postmaster. There’s a self-signed SSL certificate used by my Go API server that is also installed on my local machine, the one from which I’m trying to connect to my Ember.js and Go host, but none of the other clients I’m trying are choking on the certificate.

On a side note, I’m only seeing this error message in Google Chrome’s console. It’s also broken in Firefox, but Firefox isn’t reporting this error. Any idea why not?

TIA, Ali

Is your API set to return the CORS headers on an OPTIONS request? The REST Adapter makes those first.

I also had a little trouble a while ago with REST adapter and CORS and making the server implement the OPTION HTTP request solved it fine. Still, postman and other rest-testing tools didn’t work with the sever…