Problems with Google translate swapping nodes

Has any one had problems with Chrome google translate swapping text nodes, and then glimmer failing to find them. Like for example a conditional toggling a different part of an hbs to render, and then glimmar failing to find what to remove. A bit like this in React:

NotFoundError in / The object can not be found here.


@glimmer/runtime.js:1994 - clear @glimmer/runtime.js:2578 - update @glimmer/runtime.js:2809 - evaluate @glimmer/runtime.js:6763 - execute @glimmer/runtime.js:7127 - rerender ember-metal.js:764 - runInTransaction ember-glimmer/renderer.js:305 - _renderRoots ember-glimmer/renderer.js:336 - _renderRootsTransaction ember-glimmer/renderer.js:379 - _revalidate backburner.js:283 - invokeWithOnError backburner.js:154 - flush backburner.js:344 - flush backburner.js:478 - end backburner.js:866 - _run ember-glimmer/modifiers/action.js:104 - handler ember-views/system/event_dispatcher.js:235 - vendor/ember/jquery/jquery.js:5183 - event

ember.js version: 2.18.2

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