Proper way to access the component from within a yield block

   <button {{action target=view}}>Send to component</button>

The above used to work but I believe somewhere between 1.5.x and 1.7 view became the component’s parentView (which I understand and not debating). However, from within the yield I still need to be able to interface with the component,

My work around was something along the lines of overriding the yield function of my component:

_yield: function (context, options) {
		var view       =,
			parentView = this._parentView,
			template   = Ember.get(this, 'template');

		if (template) {
			Ember.assert('A Component must have a parent view in order to yield.', parentView);

			view.appendChild(Ember.View, {
				isVirtual: true,
				tagName: '',
				_contextView: parentView,
				template: template,
				context: Ember.ObjectProxy.create({
					content: ? Ember.get(this, 'origContext') : Ember.get(parentView, 'context'),
					component: this // <---- this
				controller: Ember.get(parentView, 'controller'),
				templateData: { keywords: parentView.cloneKeywords(), insideGroup: }

Now everywhere where I used view I use component within the template.

Does anyone else happen to know of a more elegant solution? Perhaps I’m missing something that ember is providing me out of the box. The only other thing I can think of is turning the yielded content into a view and registering the component with the child view programmatically.


Experiencing this issue now, looking for the correct way to send actions to the component rather than the surrounding context. Our use case is that we have a component that can have several buttons, however the positioning of these buttons needs to be flexible within the yield block.

Any suggestions here?

Ember has since solved this with Block params:

{{yield this}} is what you are after. You may also be able to leverage bind-action so you don’t have to pass the target. Haven’t tried this myself.

JS Bin - Collaborative JavaScript Debugging is an example of how you might do this with the upcoming bind-action