Pushing registration form details into MySQL database

I am very new to ember.I am using ember-cli.I have created a registration form and i want to insert this details into my Mysql database.I have my backend in jsp and called the jsp file from controller trough an Ajax call.Find the code in this link http://stackoverflow.com/q/38429287/6565041. Is there any adapter needed?.Is it possible are not?.

Adapters are a part of Ember Data, and are used with the Model class from that library. Since you are not using that, you don’t need an adapter.

If you think of your problem as submitting a form to the server, using AJAX directly is probably a fine approach. If, however, you think of your problem as modifying and then saving a model (by showing the user a form), then Ember Data (and its adapters) would be a better solution. An example of the former would be logging into a server, whereas an example of the latter would be modifying a user object to update their display name, username, or password. If you’re doing logging in stuff, you may want to look at the ember-auth project, which allows you to specify routes which need authentication versus ones which don’t, and it also keeps track of the session.

I’ve never used JSP, but I’m guessing it’s not the best fit for Ember.js. I think that normally JSP is used for server-side rendering of data to HTML, whereas Ember.js is a client-side rendering framework. Instead, I’d use/build a JSON api on your server. I’ve used Spring MVC for that, so I’d recommend that, but there may be slimmer libraries out there.

Thank you @kellen for your reply. You have said that Ember data and adapters are better approach.I have a doubt that Ember Data is permanent or temporary.If I am storing data locally in Ember Data it is vanishing when i am refreshing the page. When I had a demo on Ember js, my manager said me that store the data permanently and show me.You have used Spring MVC for that can you please suggest me any resources that i can store my data permanently.