Query Params and Loading Message

I have a view with filters in a sidebar, and results in the main section.

When a filter changes, the Ember Data model is refetched to get the new results (using the built in ember query parameter functionality).

I would like to show a loading message in the main content section when the data is being fetched.

I tried adding a loading template, but that tears down the sidebar in addition to the main contents. If I don’t have a loading template, then the new data isn’t displayed until after the Promise returns, so I can’t tie into isLoaded.

Is there a recommended way to do this? Ideally I don’t want to use nested routes because I’d have to add an additional layer to the URL for no good reason.

I put my sidebar in a separate outlet and define what’s being loaded into that in the application route. the main content area has an own outlet too. whever something is loading, only the main content is displaying the loading template.

I’ll try that - not all pages will have the sidebar so that outlet wouldn’t be used most of the time, but maybe that’s not a problem