queryRecord, query

Hi everyone.

I’m trying to do a query (firebase db) and I get the following error when I use DS.queryRecord:

Assertion Failed: You tried to make a query but your adapter does not implement queryRecord

When I used query() instead I saw that it behaved just like findAll. I got all objects returned…

Any ideas about what’s wrong? Thanks

Hi, I’m not sure that anything is wrong. I went through the same thing a few days ago. Ember Data has a method called queryRecord, when we use Emberfire we are actually using an adapter which helps Ember communicate properly with the Firebase. The Firebase adapter just doesn’t implement queryRecord as far as I can tell. You could potentially extend the adapter yourself by adding a queryRecord method but it sounds like you may not need it.

I ran into this same exact issue

I know its abit old, but well… you need to use “query” at the moment.

let articles = this.store.query('article', {
  orderBy: 'title',
  equalTo: 'bananarama',
  limit: 1
}).then(functionion(articles) {

Its not optimal, but I guess you could write your own queryRecord method, which mimics the above.