Re-usable Components and Link Generation

I’m trying to create a component that can be re-used in multiple applications across my company, however I’m having trouble figuring out how to handle link generation.

For the sake of this example, let’s say I have 2 applications - Alpha and Bravo. A standalone component of application Alpha may be used in either Alpha or Bravo. When the component generates anchors/links to resources in Alpha, it needs to be somehow aware of what application it’s currently in since in the Alpha case, the component should likely use the linkTo helper in order to transition state within the application. When the component is used in Bravo, it seems like an absolute URL would need to be generated since not only do I not have my route definitions included, the application is on an entirely different domain.

To complicate this a bit further, we have several different stages that an application can be deployed to ( i.e. devel, qa, production ). The link generation should be aware of the environment so that if Bravo is in devel or local development, then the links generated by the Alpha component should point to the development version of Alpha.

My initial thought on how to accomplish this is to create a service that you may configure during app bootstrapping and would provide link generation utilities, however that doesn’t help in the case where I feel like we should be using link-to ( Alpha Component in the Alpha Application ).

Has anyone else encountered similar scenarios, and how would you suggest tackling something like this?