Remove addons from vendor.js

hi, I know some addons are by default built in into vendor.js when you run “ember build” in ember-cli. Here they are: “ember-ajax”: “^2.0.1”, “ember-cli-app-version”: “^1.0.0”, “ember-data”: “^2.7.0”, “ember-export-application-global”: “^1.0.5”, “ember-load-initializers”: “^0.5.1”, “ember-resolver”: “^2.0.3”, “loader.js”: “^4.0.1”

My question is how to not include part of them? For now I do not need ember-ajax, ember-cli-app-version, ember-data. For example, I’ll reference ember-data from my “main site”. Thank you

I did not expected it is so easy. Need just delete the packages from package.json file and run ember-cli command: ember build Post closed