Reset scroll when entering route for first time?

So here’s a kicker. It seems as I am moving between routes in my app I am seeing the scroll position of one route is causing the scroll position of the next route to be set scrolled down the new route. Which is not what I want.

I get that if I’m transitioning from say items to an item and then I go back, either by hitting back, or transitioning to the items route I want the scroll position to go back, which as far as I can tell is working out of the box. However, the situation first stated where unrelated routes are passing scroll position back and forth is unwanted.

So a quick google search turned up an old cookbook entry in the docs to a short mixin

activate: function() {

And injecting this mixin into routes resets the scroll position. But, something came up as I was implementing this and I saw where now I’m forcing returns to the previous route (in a parent, child route situation) was now not working how the end user will expect.

Has anyone come across a situation like this and has a solution for it?

My thought is to create a service that just stores the previous route, that service will get updated on willTransition so that at any point I can see what the previous route was, and in my mixin, just check what the new route will be (items) and if the previous route was item then DON’T reset scroll, otherwise assume I’m arriving at items from a route other than the child route item and don’t reset scroll.

By the way, my router looks like this


Because I don’t want the item embedded in the parent route in this particular situation. Not sure if that is my point of conflict here or not.

This is a common problem with ember routes. This helped me! EmberJS Cookbooks They have clearly specified the way to solve the problem.