Resolve Depricated warnings

After rendor component this Depricated warning is show please give me suggestions for Remove these warnings from my app

DEPRECATION: A property of <My_app@view:-outlet::ember694> was modified inside the didInsertElement hook. You should never change properties on components, services or models during didInsertElement because it causes significant performance degradation. [deprecation id: ember-views.dispatching-modify-property]

DEPRECATION: You modified (mut disableTextBox) twice in a single render. This was unreliable in Ember 1.x and will be removed in Ember 3.0 [deprecation id: ember-views.render-double-modify]

If you don’t have anything obvious, check for tags with duplicate IDs. Seems like I remember chasing down one of those deprications and it turned out to be two input fields with the same ID because of cut-n-paste sloppiness.

For the first error, are you calling this.set in didInsertElement? Can you replicate in an Ember Twiddle?

Hi Chris and skaterdav85,

Thank you both for reply.

I have used below code to resolve both warnings.‘afterRender’, this,() => { //Your code });

Please comment.

Thanks Sapana