RESTAdapter: how to access resources with nested path

I want to know how to create a resource which has nested path in the rest api.

for example given the end point for employee resource, /companies/{company}/employees/{employee}

How can i create a employee record. i created a employee record, but the request is going to the top level /. sending a post request with employee data to /.

can i override buildURL with a function which builds the required path for this type and calls default function for other types.

do you see any problems with this approach?

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Well you can’t with buildURL. You have to override the Adapter.

App.YourAdapter = Ember.Mixin.create
  createRecord: (store, type, record) ->
    data = {}
    serializer = store.serializerFor(type.typeKey)
    serializer.serializeIntoHash(data, type, record, {includeId: true})

    # construct the url here
    companyId = record.get('')
    url = @urlPrefix() + '/companies/' + companyId + '/' + type.typeKey
    @ajax(url, "POST", {data: data})

And use this adapter for the model.

App.EmployeeAdapter = App.ApplicationAdapter.extend App.YourAdapter