Retrying successful transition


Hi all: I posted a question to stack overflow about the pretty common “pattern” of saving an attempted transition containing a rest call in the model hook, sending a user to login because of an expired session and then retrying the attempted transtion to send the user to where he was originally trying to get to: I can’t post a link to stackoverflow here for some reason: it complains that it is 2 links. But if you search for “Renavigating to current route in Ember.js” you should find it.

It seems to me it must be a pretty common scenario also in cases where there is no transition, but rather just an action that calls the rest service back end. It occurred to me and the answerer (is that a word :slight_smile: ) that it would be possible to save the last transition and then use the mechanism as for an attempted transition. The answerer tested this and it works. We both looked at the transition source code and there doesn’t seem to be anything there to make this not work.

Question is: is this ok and will it stay working in the future? Is my scenario common? Is the approach usual? What do others do in similar applications?

Thanks in advance for any help!