Right way to query ember data (local storage)

Hi all, I’m lil bit confused on way how to load data from local storage. I have an app for displaying albums. So I have in application route:

      return this.store.find('album');

That code makes GET request to my server, and receive Album model with bunch of relationship data. Than in nested routes in order to show data correctly I should do request again to ember data or use modelFor? For example in nested route \album\3\cover I have something like :

 return this.modelFor('album').get('cover');

Or right way is to do request to store cover model again?

var coverId = this.modelFor('album').get('cover').get('id');
this.store.find('cover', coverId);

I will appriciate your help and explanation.

  1. Another question for example I would like to find all pages of some loaded album model (one-to-many relationship),

should I do something like

var albumId = this.modelFor('album').get('id');
var peters = this.store.find('pages', { album: albumId });

assuming that I have relationship for Album one to many and Pages model like this

App.Pages = DS.Model.extend({
    album: DS.belongsTo('album')

OR there is some more ‘ember way’ approach? Many thanks in advance