Rollback on deleted record from HasMany? (record not restored)


Trying to rollback after a deleted record seems to not restore the record to the hasMany relationship. I can see the record still exists in the canonicalState array but the currentState is always missing the record. How can i restore the record?

I have a model with a has many relationship

App.User = DS.Model.extend({
   posts: DS.hasMany('post'),

App.Post = DS.model.extend({
  body: DS.attr('string'),
  user: DS.belongsTo('user')

I delete a post from the users model


Then i roll it back after the user cancels the change.


The posts array still has this state.

__ember1438618269274: null
__ember_meta__: Object
__nextSuper: undefined
canonicalState: Array[4]
currentState: Array[3]
isLoaded: true
isPolymorphic: undefined
length: 3
record: Class
relationship: ember$data$lib$system$relationships$state$has$many$$ManyRelationship
store: Class
type: my-app@model:post:
__proto__: Class


model.rollbackAttributes(); is the new method. I hope it solves this,