Routes & Resources Schema and Ember Data customisation



In our company’s Frontend Team we started working on a ember.js project 3 months ago, and I’m in the process to help my colleagues (which are all expert JS Engineers) to ramp up on the ember.js framework. To make this task easier I created many diagrams to use as a base to explain the concepts, but this diagram is maybe worth sharing. It explains in short details the flow from visiting a route to getting the data rendered into the template. It’s not novice friendly but a good overview I think.

As a side note, we are using: ember, ember-data, and ember-app-kit to organise the project

And for anyone interested here is the link to the google doc, feel free to copy, edit and make it yours if it can help you explain concepts to your colleagues :smile:

Update, because we have to cover many custom cases for our API, we make heavy use of the adapter per model customisations, we keep track of all that with excel sheets, this looks may overkill but is really useful when you are about to do optimisations, you know exactly where to start :smile:

Adapter overrides

Serializer overrides

Cheers, Alex