Running Ember CLI on HTTPS


I am developing and application with Ember CLI but I need to start testing some calls over HTTPS. I found this LINK, but it was from Jan 2014.

Is this still the best way to run an Ember CLI project in development over HTTPS? Or is there a better solution?



The answer on StackOverflow is still valid, because you’ll need something else to terminate the SSL connection before passing the requests through to ember-cli. I don’t know how you’d do it on Windows, but on Mac/Linux nginx will be simple to get going.

Alternatively, maybe a bit contrived, is to use ngrok to open a tunnel to your ember-cli app, and access that tunnel over HTTPS. This does mean that your request is proxied back to your machine through ngrok’s systems and you’ll experience some latency (which may be a fantastic thing for testing your user experience).