Runtime defined query-params


My use case if the following:

  • build a generic sort and filter component
  • have the component show sorts/filters based on the model type
  • refresh the route/params based on the user selection

I would prefer not to enumerate the sort/filters options (in other words query params) on both the model definition and all controller/route that need to filter lists.

Seems that there should be a way to define the query-params at runtime. Would it be possible with the params implementation today?

Thanks, Julien.

This project shows an interesting means of generating a search filter from a model, with the option to dynamically generate your input params:

Another technique is via This could be set up to have the controller’s queryParams simply be “query”, and your dependentKey (model) and propertyKeys (collection of query parameters) set at runtime.

I’ve a hybrid of these techniques, using a search form component to collate the queryParam keys and values, which dynamically creates the fields required to match the needs of the queryParams passed to it. This way I can control which params are included in the filter, and when the filter is triggered. ie: search-form component only passes values that are set if minimum requirements for a search a met, and only when search button is clicked or the Enter key is pressed.