Save Model without regard to response


I’m wondering what the design considerations are when the server response is wildly different or unimportant for certain communications?

I have a registration form for instance that populates a Model to represent a fair amount of data for my users. User’s can’t “fail” registration since the data is saved and approved by other services (and people) after submission. I only get technical responses here that don’t need to correlate to Models or need persisting. The Model will come back into play at a later time, on a user profile section for instance…

I can just make a custom extractSingle that sends my response to controllers,views or what have you that can use it. But I’m wondering what the general approach is for sending/saving things to the server with Ember when the response isn’t going to be immediate or isn’t really necessary.

Am I making the process too difficult by bringing Models, Adapters and Serializers into play? Is it perfectly fine to take a response that doesn’t become a Model?

Mostly a concept to roll around but I’d appreciate opinions!