Scroll on image by dragging



I have a image in a div with overflow: scroll defined on it. Now I want to implement that I can scroll on the image by dragging my mouse on it.

I tried but this doesn’t seem to work in EmberJS.

This is my hbs part:

{{#draggable-dropzone dropped="addMarker"}}
      <div class="map-view dragscroll">
        {{#if selectedMap}}
          {{#unless (eq selectedMap.type "google_map")}}
            <div class="" style="position:relative;">
              <img class="" src="{{selectedMap.image_highres}}">
              {{#if categoryId}}
                {{#each model.hotspots as |hotspot|}}
                  {{#unless (eq hotspot.x_axis "")}}
                    {{#if (eq categoryId hotspot.category)}}
                      {{#draggable-item dragEnter=(route-action "setIsDragged" "isDragged") dragEnd=(route-action "setIsDragged" false)}}
                        <span {{action 'showMarkerModal'}} class="normal-markers {{isDragged}}"  style="position:absolute;top:{{hotspot.y_axis}}px;left:{{hotspot.x_axis}}px;"><i class="fa fa-map-marker"></i></span>
                      <span style="position:absolute;top:{{hotspot.y_axis}}px;left:{{hotspot.x_axis}}px;">
                        {{#liquid-if (eq markerModal  class="marker-modal1"}}
                          <span {{action 'closeMarkerModal'}} class="marker-modal" >{{}}</span>
            {{g-map lat=selectedMap.gmap_lat_center lng=selectedMap.gmap_long_center zoom=12}}

#2 has done the trick